Software Development for Laser Cutting Machines and Material Handling Systems

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This requires constant development of the machines, new construction solutions, the highest quality and above all the implementation of new functionalities, as well as the acceleration and optimization of machine control software.

Control system

In addition to the machine itself, the finished product also includes material transport systems, creating a maintenance-free transport and production system. The raw material (in the form of e.g. steel sheets) is delivered by the operator to the material warehouse, from where it is automatically collected, delivered to the cutting machine and then the finished products and waste are transported to the storage destination. The machine automation control systems and the material transport system are based on Beckhoff PLC controllers (or rather industrial computers). JCommerce undertook research and development work for the transportation part of this process.


An additional element offered by the company is a software package, including computer-aided design software, which is used for planning and designing the production process and the shapes of parts to be cut, as well as software for machines that manage PLCs based on project data. Development of the software is handled by a team of .NET programmers from JCommerce.

Software testing

JCommerce specialists also undertook to create a quality policy and the entire testing process for the software developed by the client, which is extremely important for ensuring the high quality of the final product.


Engineers with experience in the field of industrial automation, control systems and modern solutions in the machine industry, as well as .NET programmers and software testers, were seconded to the project. JCommerce experts work closely with the client’s employees and are managed by Project Managers on the client side. In this way, international teams have been created to jointly carry out the tasks which the team has been entrusted with.


Software development, adding new functionalities, correcting errors, optimizing and creating new versions is a long-term process and is still in progress. However, the project has already achieved the first tangible results:

  • the optimization of system snapshots for service purposes (snapshot), which has shortened the time taken to save results from 90 seconds to less than one second.
  • a change in internal data exchange algorithms has reduced the CPU load from almost 100% to less than 30%.

Currently, the team is finishing up the next stage of programming. The results of our work are highly valued by the client, who plans to expand the team and entrust JCommerce experts with the development of the software controlling other machines from the broader client portfolio.

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