Automation and Control System for Rolls-Royce Gas Engines


After considering the various options, the choice was to have four generators with 8 MW of power each, driven by powerful internal combustion engines produced by Rolls-Royce.

Project: SCADA, automation algorithms for auxiliary systems and industrial networks

Rolls-Royce produces engines with a wide range of systems and additional services. The customer decided to purchase complete engines with generators, but without “auxiliary” automation and IT systems.  After analyzing the costs, it was decided that work unrelated to the engines and generators themselves would be commissioned to a domestic company.

Work which needed to be done included:

  • auxiliary system automation: engine cooling, engine room ventilation, exhaust systems, temperature control
  • IT system and data presentation
  • the concept and topology of fail-safe industrial networks

After consultation with the customer, and having considered all standards and requirements, we decided to build a control system with a Siemens S7-400 redundant PLC with redundant Ethernet connections.

As for the SCADA solution, we chose a Wonderware Archestra package, and DELL hardware – including redundant Servers with Raid Matrix and end-user workstations. Industrial networks were designed and implemented in the RING topology, based on manageable Scalance switches and optical fiber. Apart from the main optical fiber ring core, most critical parts of the network were duplicated as well.


Three people were dedicated to programming: a PLC programmer, a SCADA specialist, and an automation engineer with extensive experience in the field of gas engine automation systems, playing the role of support and leader. The team was directly subordinate to the Contract Manager.


In addition to the standard difficulties associated with the implementation of a large and complex contract, unforeseen complications also arose. At a certain stage of implementation, the client decided that – due to the stability of the entire plant’s operations – the partial integration of the newly created system with the existing, over 30-year-old IT system, which manages the work of existing devices, was necessary at least.

Thanks to the experience, knowledge and determination of the team, it was possible to accomplish both the main and additional tasks within the deadline set. The use of high-quality hardware solutions, with full documentation and competent support, was also very helpful as it allowed users to quickly find and implement a solution enabling the exchange of essential data between systems divided by 30 years of development.

Business benefits

The task was carried out in accordance with the client’s wishes. The team has created a stable and reliable system, providing the client with the safe and uninterrupted operation of new systems, under the full control of operators with full recording of all data. Thanks to the high-class task order, the team managed to complete the task in the shortest possible time, and provide the customer with full on-site warranty service.

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