About Us

JCommerce was founded in 2005 in Poland, the very centre of Europe and one of the best European locations in terms of software engineering skills.

We support companies from all over the world in the ongoing process of digital transformation. By sharing the knowledge, talent and skills of our experts, we offer development and cooperation based on trust and partnership.

JCommerce Software Services

The JCommerce Software Services unit was established in 2017 to expand our operations to the US market. We are proud to have customers and partners here, including Aras Corp, Bystronic Inc and Egnyte Inc.

Innovation Center for Industry

The Innovation Center for Industry is a JCommerce project which brings together top European experts and engineers from various areas of expertise, including analysts, programmers, software testers and project managers, to work on the development of existing IT tools and the creation of new ones.

The Innovation Center for Industry is dedicated to the construction, oil, gas, energy, industrial automation, robotics and electronics industries. We are ready to work with you and push your business forward. We were born to make IT.

The main value we offer our customers is that we understand their business challenges because we face them too.

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